Terje Utheim



            Terje Utheim 


02.02.50 Norway


Øvre Flaktveit 32, 5135      Flaktveit

Professional Studies

Computer Engineering, Bergen Technical High School, 1973.


1974-1985                 System manager at University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science.

1985-                         Design and development of seismic data acquisition systems  at University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science.

Teaching experience

Training courses on seismic data acquisition systems at different institutions in Latin America.

Main working experience: 

Extensive experience in design and development of seismic data  acquisition systems as well as programming, Assembler, Fortran, C and Java.

Development of SEISLOG data-acquisition system (Linux version) for field stations in Norwegian National Seismic Network (NNSN).

Development of SEISLOG embedded version for low-cost, low-power acquisition systems for use as portables or permanent stations.

Implementation of SEISLOG data-acquisition system in Chilean national network and in other networks in latin America.

Development of RTQUAKE data-acquisition system (Linux). System reading data from SeedLink servers, recording of events, option for auto-location. Integrated with SEISAN processing software.

International activity

Worked in Central America and Chile for periods of one month yearly between 1992-2006 with hardware and software installations, development of new software and training courses.

Worked at Department of Geophysics at University of Chile, Santiago for 3 months as Invited Researcher in 1999. Planning and implementation of software, and installation of new digital national seismological network in Chile.

Presentation at European Seismological Commission, Athens, Greece, 1994

Presentation at conference Sistemas modernas de preparacion y respuesta ante riesgos sismicos, volcanicos y tsunamis in Santiago Chile, 1998.

Instrumentation and seismic networks at a low cost. Poster and given course at Congreso Latinamericano de Sismologia, Bogota, Colombia, 2006.

Data-acquisition in real time in seismology. Presentation at Universidad del Oriente, Cumana, Venezuela, 2009.

Current activities

Development and maintenance of data-acquisition software.

Daily maintenance and running of Norwegian National Seismic Network.

Web pages Norwegian National Seismic Network.

Software to monitor Norwegian National Seismic Network

Software for exhibitions. 


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